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Our Platform


What is Our Platform?

MARKETPLACE is an advanced digital shopping platform.

At MARKETPLACE, we work hard to relieve our customers from five core points of concern when making a purchase: availability of consumer goods, authenticity/quality of the goods, secure payment, timely delivery, and after sales support.

We’ve introduced more than ten thousand products to meet the growing demands of time. We are working with only the best and the most trusted merchants and suppliers for ensuring authenticity and originality of goods, we have integrated advanced technology to ensure maximum transactional security, we have employed inhouse delivery services for flawless deliveries and operate a dedicated customer service center for reliable and consistent sales and after sales support.

Thousands of Products

Marketplace teems with thousands of products aiming to cover almost all consumer goods categories so that everyone can acquire what they need effortlessly. We pick only the selected top from every niche and work with the best of the suppliers from around the world. We strictly maintain national and international regulations, compliance and certifications for applicable products along with sticking to stringent operational protocols for the maintenance of product shelf life, and inventory management. Our rigorous quality control at various points of product handling and warehousing helps us deliver only the products with best conditions.

Why is it called a platform?

MARKETPLACE adopts a dynamic e-commerce infrastructure that customers can access and explore goods and services from any computer or smartphone of choice and enjoy a fluid and frictionless shopping experience from any place. Similarly, our merchants are able to place and monitor their products on the go and respond to or interact with customers effectively and decisively. For our customers, MARKETPLACE is more than just an e-commerce website, it’s a place to learn and share about goods and experiences with one another. It’s a place where people can access authentic, relevant and valid information about products that they want to buy. From product ratings to reviews with detailed images and videos, the abundant flow of information guides our customers to make educated buying decisions. MARKETPLACE works as a platform for both our merchants and our customers to exchange values through meaningful interactions.

Why is it digital?

The world is heading towards a full-scale digitalization in every aspect of life and the growing needs and aspirations are evolving in the similar direction. So, the future of shopping is essentially a digital one and MARKETPLACE has embarked on a journey to serve mankind with the emergent trends of marketing and distribution of products and services. Aligning with the parent organization BYSL Global Technology Group, MARKETPLACE, sets out to be the marketplace of the future and all our enterprises follow the lead.

Who are our stakeholders?

Our key stakeholders are those who impact our strategy materially or are impacted by it directly. The list includes our customers, merchants, suppliers, employees and many more. As a responsible business platform working on building long-term shareholder value, we listen to our stakeholders regularly to help guide our strategy, and ensure we continue to deliver value that meets the needs of our merchants, suppliers and customers.

Empathizing with the financial situations of our stakeholders is vital to ensuring that we treat them in the most responsible and sustainable way. We also use this empathy and understanding to refine our operational and systemic processes, train our people and improve our industry-leading services.

Why Is It The Most Trusted Digital Platform?

MARKETPLACE is rising to be the most trusted digital platform powered by BYSL Global Technology Group’s uncompromisingly strong moral and ethical standards and technological sophistication. To earn trust from our customers and merchants and bring consistency of operation and improvement of services, we focus on quality, customer experience, transparency, competency, connection, dedication, and empathy.

Quality: Quality of products is our top most priority and we walk the extra mile to ensure that we work with only the best merchants and stick to the highest quality standards and quality control protocol.

Customer Experience: Sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art technological infrastructure embedded with high security makes the shopping experience at MARKETPLACE snappy, intuitive, educative, secure and convenient. We are equipped with the most secure payment gateway for financial transactions.

Transparency: We ensure transparency of information about all the products posted live on the marketplace and our services. Visitors of MARKETPLACE get to know every single important detail of the products they want to buy. We want to educate our customers so that they can make informed buying decisions. We communicate all the details of order processing and delivery services with our customers on the platform as well as through different channels of communication.

Competency: Professionals at the MARKETPLACE are highly capable of adapting to any changes in modern market trends, we take dynamic actions to make sure that our customers and merchants are always on the winning side.

Connection: Connectivity plays a big role in the operations of MARKETPLACE and we maintain necessary connections within and outside the platform and ensure streamlined communication so that we can hear our customers clearly and be heard. We are open to every opinion, suggestion and recommendation from our customers and merchants as part of the feedback cycle that we use to bring continuous improvements to our platform and our services.

Dedication: Our commitment is to create a marketplace of the future enriched with more than a million of products and services to meet the demand of time and forward.

Empathy: What substantially separates us from the rest of the competition is the way we care about serving our stakeholders. From platform design, availability of information, user experience of our website, safety of monetary transactions, order processing (pick, pack, ship) to doorstep deliveries, merchant and supplier policies, operational strategies, we care for every stakeholder connected to us including our merchants, suppliers and customers. We train our workforce to put their heart and soul to ensure the best services throughout, consistently and sustainably for the best interest of our stakeholders.