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Intellectual Property

General Terms

If you proceed to use MARKETPLACE’s website ( and its platforms, you are expected to abide by all the Legal Notes included here and these are governed by and will be interpreted according to the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Here, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Website”, “Site”, “System”, “Platforms” includes (All Social Media, Mobile App, Wearable Technology) will refer to MARKETPLACE and “You”, “Your”, “User” will refer to Customers and Visitors. If you cannot abide by all the Legal Notes enlisted, please refrain from using the website and its other platforms and affiliates. You must agree to use the website only for your own personal and non-commercial purposes.

MARKETPLACE reserves all the rights to update and modify Legal Notes without prior notice. By continuing to use the MARKETPLACE website and platforms, we will consider your consent to all the updates and modifications made to Legal Notes.


All materials on the website and platforms such as (including but not limited to) images, ideas, designs, drawings, animations, illustrations, videos, executable files, logos, infographics, interactive features, articles, stickers, information, icons, annotations, service marks, branding, artwork, computer code, written text, domain name are the exclusive property of MARKETPLACE and its affiliates. You are in no case authorized to publish, sell, edit, translate, copy, extract, distribute, transmit, post, modify or create derivative works of or in any way that might exploit our content. You can use the content on the website or platform only for viewing purposes. We have the right to claim ownership of any deformation, alteration or modification of content that might cause damage to our work, honor and reputation. Any unauthorized usage of contents and third-party linking are strictly prohibited and may subject you to criminal and civil offences, penalties and charges.

In the case of the product, ownership will pass to you if we receive full payment which will include the price of the product, VAT and the delivery charge (in case of home delivery).MARKETPLACE contents and affiliates are maintained, operated and owned by BYSL Global Technology Group, the nation’s next-generation technology conglomerate.

Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

MARKETPLACE is committed to complying with copyright and related laws which include the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and also expects all users to comply with all laws. You cannot use the website or platform for any sort of illegal or unauthorized purposes. You cannot use any hardware or software that might interfere with our operations. You cannot surreptitiously interpret any data or personal information from the website or platform. You agree not to use any unfair means to interrupt or attempt to interrupt our operations with our website and platforms.


All materials on the website and platforms such as (including but not limited to) images, ideas, designs, drawings, animations, illustrations, videos, executable files, logos, infographics, interactive features, articles, stickers, information, icons, annotations, service marks, branding, artwork, computer code, written text, domain name etc. are protected under intellectual property laws. MARKETPLACE owns all rights and licenses in or to the content on MARKETPLACE’s website and platforms. Unauthorized usage of any content is a breach of these Legal Notes and will violate copyright, trade dress, patent and other laws. You agree that none of the content can be published, sold, edited, translated, copied, extracted, distributed, transmitted, posted, modified or created derivative works of or in any way. MARKETPLACE reserves all rights which are not expressly granted herein. Any unauthorized usage will be handled legally.


All emblems, logotypes, service mark, trade dress, button icons, artwork, logos, “MARKETPLACE”, “MARKETPLACE”, and anything either they are registered or not but displayed on the website and platforms, including but not limited to the “MARKETPLACE” trademark and all the related brand marks on the website or platform will remain as the exclusive property of “MARKETPLACE”. Such trademarks and signs are discouraged to use with any product or services that do not originate with MARKETPLACE and MARKETPLACE’s affiliates, which might arise confusion among users, or in any manner discredit the “MARKETPLACE” name and trademark and all the products bearing “MARKETPLACE” trademark. Any unauthorized usage will be handled legally.

Uses and Restrictions

The website and platforms can be used by individuals who can form legal bindings under applicable law, age must be 18 or older, and are not barred from using our website or platform. You need to agree that you will not resell products purchased from the website or platform, do not resell or make use of content from the website or platform, do not collect product descriptions or listings, do not forge headers or create a false identity, and do not use framing techniques. You are strictly prohibited from using any automatic device or methodology such as page-scrape, robot or spider, or any similar manual processes to obtain any content from the website or platform. We will bar any such activities. You cannot gain unauthorized access to anything related to the MARKETPLACE website, platforms or affiliates by hacking, password mining or any illegal means. You cannot by any means or under any conditions interfere or attempt with the proper working of the website or platform, or any transactions being conducted on the website or for any personal use with the website or the platform. Any unlawful usage of this website by any means, especially violating Digital Laws, will be barred.


Individuals related to website and platform development might have access to sensitive information about MARKETPLACE and its affiliates, including but not limited to business operations, activities, strategic plans and financial data. Disclosure of such information might harm MARKETPLACE. Endorsers must maintain information confidential and must not disclose information upon termination of an endorser’s relationship with MARKETPLACE and must return all confidential information and documents in their possession. Any such attempt at disclosure of confidential information will be sued legally.

Misuse and Violation

Your access to our website and platforms will be restricted and terminated without prior notice if you misuse or violate any of our user terms, sales terms, conditions or privacy policies. Any violation of our systems, network security, use of copyrighted or trademark content may result in a criminal offence. We will investigate every occurrence involving such violence or misuse and may involve, cooperate or disclose to law enforcement authorities for further access to individuals involved in such violations.

Legal Actions

You agree that the website, platforms, terms and any dispute between MARKETPLACE and you shall be presided over by Bangladeshi Law. You must agree that all disputes, claims and legal proceedings directly or indirectly arising out of or relating to the platform should be resolved in the competent court in Bangladesh, except where prohibited and without limitation to any statuary rights for consumers.

Infringement Notice

MARKETPLACE is respectful of the intellectual and industrial property rights of others. To comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), MARKETPLACE will respond expeditiously to the claims of copyright infringement which can be precisely reported to MARKETPLACE’s Copyright Representative. MARKETPLACE reserves the right to remove any material which may violate copyright or other rights. You can send us a copyright infringement notice if you believe that your or a third party’s work has been used on our website, platforms or affiliates. The notice must include:

  • Physical/Electronic signature of the representative who is representing the owner of the right that is ostensibly infringed.
  • Identification and specification of all the copyrighted work/content which is claimed to have been infringed by the representative.
  • Sufficient information to permit MARKETPLACE to locate the claimed copyrighted work/content on the website, platform and affiliates which is to be removed or disabled.
  • Contact information such as name, contact number, email and others so that the complaining party can be contacted.
  • Statement(s) that will state that the complaining party has a belief that usage of the work/content in the manner complained of is not approved by the copyright possessor or its affiliates or the law.
  • The copyright owner’s statement, which will specify that the work/content is accurate and is the owner of the infringed work/content or on behalf of the owner.
  • Please send your copyright infringement notice to:
  • Please let us know over the phone at: 09666-737333.

Guarantee of Authenticity

All products and services purchased from the MARKETPLACE website, platforms, affiliates or display centers and bearing copyrights and trademarks of MARKETPLACE are authentic and guaranteed by MARKETPLACE. MARKETPLACE is a sub-brand of MARKETPLACE which also ensures authenticity if bought from the above-mentioned website, platforms, affiliates or display centers.

User Content and Submissions

Any (including but not limited to) content, material, ideas, suggestion, information or know-how in any form received by us from you through our website, platforms and affiliates will be deemed to include royalty-free, continuous, unalterable, non-exclusive, sublicensable right and transferable licenses for us to approve, republish, replicate, transmit, distribute and create derivative works of or act of such submissions without conditional approval or consideration in any form, media, or technology known as the full term of any right that may exist in such submissions. No claim will be granted to you regarding your submission to us. MARKETPLACE is not responsible for any consequences regarding your submissions. You declare and warrant that the submissions do not infringe on any third-party rights arising under the law or under contract, including, but are not limited to, author rights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, copyrights, confidentiality or any other intellectual or personal rights. We are not responsible for screening user submissions but if notified by users of a submission that contradicts terms and conditions and digital laws, MARKETPLACE may investigate those and will decide whether to remove the submission or not. We reserve the right to disclose any information to comply with the law, regulations, and any other applicable means.

Prohibited User Conduct

Refrain yourself from posting or sending any material or content to our website, platforms, or affiliates that are already copyrighted or trademarked, reveal trade secrets, may infringe on the intellectual property rights of others or might contain a virus, trojan horse, or engine that is intended to damage or intercept any system, data or information. Please refrain from using MARKETPLACE’s copyrighted and trademarked content as well. Any evidence of such will be dealt with legally.

Protection and proper use of company assets

All the assets related to MARKETPLACE and its affiliates must be used accordingly. Assets include but are not limited to images, ideas, designs, drawings, animations, illustrations, videos, executable files, logos, infographics, interactive features, articles, stickers, information, icons, annotations, service marks, branding, artwork, computer code, written text, domain name, notes, legends, signs, tags, watermarks, symbols.

Proprietary Markings

You cannot by any means or chance remove, delete or manipulate in any other way amend the notes, legends, signs, tags, watermarks, symbols, logos, stickers, that symbolize MARKETPLACE, MARKETPLACE, website, platform and its affiliates.

Governing law

All legal bindings will be accessed and processed under the authority of the Ministry of Law of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under its Digital Security Act and other Applicable Acts accordingly.


You approve, indemnify and hold MARKETPLACE, MARKETPLACE’s directors, employees, agents, website, platforms and affiliates harmless from any sort of claim, liability, charge, expense or damages that include any legal fees arising from any sort of binding related to or connected to you, including your agents or affiliates. This may occur due to your violation of our terms and conditions, privacy policies and legal notes.

No affiliation with MARKETPLACE

MARKETPLACE is an independent body with the mission to provide high-end products and services to the consumers from multiple platforms. These platforms are:

Other than these, MARKETPLACE, MARKETPLACE or their affiliates are not available elsewhere and they have no affiliations with any third party. Please make sure you purchase from the correct sources mentioned above.

Termination of the usage of content owned by MARKETPLACE and its affiliates

These legal notes will no longer be effective unless and until terminated either by you or by MARKETPLACE authorities. You have the privilege to terminate these legal notes by discontinuing the use of the website, platforms and its affiliates. We may deny you access if you fail to comply with the agreements. MARKETPLACE reserves the right to amend these legal notes at any time without prior notice.